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A Prosperous Future for DuPage County

DuPage County is a unique and diverse community that provides a great environment to raise a family, run a business, and enjoy culture as well as nature. Currently all of Illinois is facing a difficult task--and DuPage County is not exempt. We need elected officials who are willing take stands for the good of the people--not for the good of the career politicians. DuPage County can continue to grow economically and offer wonderful educational, cultural and recreational opportunities if our elected officials are willing to hold firm to policies that put the well-being of the citizens of this county first.

Here are some of the issues I strongly believe are essential to providing a prosperous future for DuPage County.

Promote Business and Create Jobs

  • We need to encourage business in DuPage County.


  • I’ve pledged to oppose ANY and ALL efforts to increase taxes and I support tax cuts, which will spur economic growth.
  • Reduce the tax burden on families.

Pension Reform



Term Limits

  • Much of the current mess that Illinois is in can be blamed on the machine politicians whose stale ideas and Old Boys Club ways have governed this state.
  • Illinois needs to put corruption in the past, and look towards the future.
  • I support enacting term limits that will limit politicians’ power.


  • DuPage County is blessed with beautiful landscapes that need to be protected.