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10 Ways Anyone of Hispanic Heritage Could Be a Republican

posted: August 13, 2010 • Categories: PersonalComments: 2

An Open Letter to Sen. Reid

Dear Sen. Harry Reid:

You say you would like to know "how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." Allow me to be of assistance. Below are “10 Ways Anyone of Hispanic Heritage Could Be a Republican.”

Uno: A Hispanic could believe that this country offers more opportunities to work hard and provide for his or her family than any other place on earth, in any other time in history. And that economic empowerment, not dependence on government, is a key component of freedom.

Dos: A Hispanic could find it unjust to have to hand over a third or a half of his or her income in taxes to a wasteful government simply because he or she achieved the American Dream.

Tres: A Hispanic could believe that education vouchers and school choice offer the best opportunity for his or her children to be properly educated.

Cuatro: A Hispanic could believe that putting the demands of the teachers unions over the needs of the students is upside-down and lacks compassion.

Cinco: A Hispanic could believe that marriage consists of one man married to one woman. And that family should be the bedrock of society.

Seis: A Hispanic could believe that life begins at conception and that destruction of unborn children is murder.

Siete: A Hispanic could believe that the best ways to help the less fortunate are through private giving and providing increased opportunities to be educated and to work.

Ocho: A Hispanic could believe that gun control bans make them less safe and have been ineffective, ala Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Nueve: A Hispanic could believe that having secure borders is essential to immigration reform.

Diez: A Hispanic could believe that President Obama and the Democrats are destroying the economic free enterprise system that attracted many Hispanics to America in favor of a quasi-socialist economic model of wealth redistribution that many Hispanics immigrants left behind.

Does that help at all? Still confused? Perhaps this means you believe Hispanics have such limited intellects that all we care about are amnesty and handouts, which of course are two things that Democrats “excel” at.

I understand how this can be hard to imagine for people like you. You are obviously blinded by your own racial assumptions and stereotypes (When a Republican is like this, you call them “racist”). You obviously see Hispanics as caricatures or as a desperate, lazy class of people needing rescue from White Men in Big Government like you.

Otherwise, why on earth would it be so hard to imagine “why anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican”?

Believe it or not, Sen. Reid, the Hispanic citizens of this country have come here like any other immigrant class—ready to learn, ready to provide, ready to become Americans. Not to be enslaved and entrapped by a government that thinks we are less capable than our fellow Anglo citizens.

If you’re still confused, Sen. Reid, you should understand that we Hispanics do have our own thoughts, our own beliefs, our own individual values. Just like any other ethnic group, as a matter of fact!

We don’t all cook our beans the same way, and we don’t all vote the same way. Because even if we all look alike to you, Sen. Reid, on the inside we are actually quite different—with whole different brains, hearts, and souls at work within us. Each cranking out different views and convictions.

Hispanics are a wonderfully diverse and dynamic group of people, but I’ll venture a guess on something we probably can all agree on: we don’t need YOU, yet another White Man, to speak for us. Contrary to what you might imagine, most of us speak (even English!) just fine.

I hope this has been helpful.


Rafael Rivadeneira



That’s a great way to say it! Harry Reid wants to speak and think and vote for all hispanics! It’s time we told him that that’s not the American way!

Bobby Malone

I am so very glad you wrote this letter! It’s past time the people in this nation stopped lumping all Hispanic citizens together and implying that they are in dire need of rescue by the liberal politicians and the liberal media! Thank you for undoubtedly opening a lot of eyes.

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