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8 Conservative Groups/Leaders Endorse Rivadeneira for DuPage County Board

posted: March 06, 2012 • Categories: Campaign Updates, Issues, EndorsementsComments: 0

In the past few weeks, I’ve been thrilled to gain the endorsements from eight influential and respected independent anti-tax and pro-family conservative organizations:

  • Tax Accountability
  • Family-PAC
  • Illinois Citizens for Life PAC
  • Illinois Family Action
  • For the Good of Illinois PAC
  • DuPage Conservatives
  • Illinois Center Right Coalition
  • Penny Pullen, President of Eagle Forum of Illinois

I’m excited about these endorsements from independent organizations because it shows that people are interested in ridding government of its current cronyism and tit-for-tat mentality, we need to support candidates like myself—candidates who are not part of the Good Ol’ Boys Network and who are not interested in governing to further our own livelihoods. These endorsements stand in contrast to the politicians who endorse one another as evidence of that “You Scratch My Back; I’ll Scratch Yours” that has brought so much trouble to our state.

About me, Penny Pullen, President of Eagle Forum of Illinois said: "Voters find in Rafael Rivadeneira a champion for their families and a public servant who will respect and protect their property—that is, work diligently to hold down taxes by limiting spending. I urge a vote for Rafael in the March 20 Republican Primary as a wise investment."

I hope you will vote for me based on those very reasons—and that you’ll urge your friends and neighbors to do the same.


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