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State Senate Appointment Update

posted: November 18, 2010 • Categories: Campaign UpdatesComments: 0

A decision could come as early as next week, please pass this along to your friends and family and urge them to call, email and/or sign the petition below.

When friends called a couple of weeks ago, to urge me to put my name forward for appointment to the soon-to-be-vacated 21st District State Senate seat, they shared several reasons:

  • My friends believed in me and my message. Because with Governor Quinn promising tax hikes even in this dire economy, they thought now more than ever we needed more Conservatives in Springfield with a solid commitment to fighting tax increases and cutting wasteful spending.  
  • They know me to be honest and forthright. Something Illinois State government could always use more of.  
  • Most importantly, there is a need for political appointments to follow a clean process; open and transparent and abundant with good choices. Whereas many political appointments are made “behind closed doors”, a traditional model that no longer works, the people of Illinois are no longer in the shadows and are not willing to tolerate a process that shuts the public out.

Since I’ve officially submitted my name, I’ve garnered a lot of support from conservative groups like Family Pac, Illinois Center Right Coalition, Illinois Conservatives, DuPage Conservatives and Tea Party groups across Illinois as you can read about in this article. I’m also proud to have the support of many Republican precinct committeemen and residents of the 21st District.
Together, we are making the case for my appointment. Hundreds of people have already made their voices heard to Senator Dan Cronin by calling, emailing and/or signing a petition. Since there is no election, the only way to make your voice heard is by directly contacting Senator Cronin’s office. If you’d like to help us in this endeavor that has grown into a movement, we’ve made it easy for you to let Senator Cronin know you’d like to see me appointed to this seat:
-Sign our online petition

-Email Senator Cronin senatorcronin@aol.com a personal message
-Email Senator Cronin a standard message by simply entering your name, email and town
-Call Senator Cronin’s office at 630-792-0040
Thanks for your support! 


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