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Senator Marco Rubio: Tio Tomas or Free Thinker?

posted: July 13, 2011 • Categories: Personal

I must give kudos to Ruben Navarette for being an equal-opportunity anti-amnesty basher. He goes after Democrats and Republicans who vote against amnesty and has done a good job of documenting (no pun intended) the lengths that Democrats have gone to vote against amnesty despite the overall...

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Rivadeneira Seeks Appointment to Illinois’ 21st State Senate Seat

posted: November 09, 2010 • Categories: Personal

To the residents of Illinois’ 21st State Senate District:

At the urging of my supporters from DuPage and Cook counties and even across the state, I have decided to ask to be appointed to the State Senate seat that Senator Dan Cronin will vacate when he takes on his new role as Chair of the DuPage...

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10 Ways Anyone of Hispanic Heritage Could Be a Republican

posted: August 13, 2010 • Categories: Personal

An Open Letter to Sen. Reid

Dear Sen. Harry Reid:

You say you would like to know "how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." Allow me to be of assistance. Below are “10 Ways Anyone of Hispanic Heritage Could Be a Republican.”

Uno: A Hispanic could believe that this country offers more...

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What’s A State To Do?

posted: April 28, 2010 • Categories: Personal

For almost a week now, I’ve watched and listened to the criticisms of and threatened boycotts of Arizona. I’ve seen the Left go nuts, the Hispanic media go nuts, and frankly, I’m left feeling like I’m going a little nuts. Albeit for a totally different reason: namely, because I think all these...

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Perhaps They’ll Hear Us Come November

posted: March 21, 2010 • Categories: Personal

Turns out, yes he can. President Obama has shown the country that yes, he can do the secret backroom deals and kickbacks that he promised to eschew. That yes, he can confuse and complicate a process and fog it over with last-minute “emotional pleas.” Yes, he can force Americans to buy a product....

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