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Consumer Driven Health Care

posted: August 24, 2009 • Categories: IssuesComments: 0

As our nation struggles to answer the debate of universal health care, I want to give all of you assurance that I will make sure we have quality lives in Illinois. The problem with this issue is where it is being debated—in Washington. Citizens of Illinois should determine what care is best for our state. As your representative, I want to give you a voice in deciding what is needed to fix our health care troubles. The politicians in Washington are disconnected from the needs of citizens throughout our district.          

A state determined policy would better accommodate to the needs of our individual state and our unique situation.  Illinois needs to be focused on encouraging competitive health care options, not by limiting the choices of patients and families. We should not promote a health care system that doesn’t give options and forces citizens to buy into a single government ran plan.

The only effective way to ensure lower prices and better quality health care is by encouraging consumer choice.

I want to ensure that each household, each citizen, each parent has the choice of which health care plan they think they need, they want, and in a price range that is comfortable.

Springfield should be involved in the process by making sure there are affordable plans that provide quality care. As your representative, I will make sure that each insurance plan is clearly defined, prices are made transparent, and you have full understanding of your coverage. What government can do in this process is to make sure patients and citizens are informed and covered.

Insurance Market

Another key way to ensure adequate, affordable health care is by putting employees in charge of which plans they want. We can incorporate a market of insurance plans that employers can offer to their employees. This market would allow each employee a choice in which plans they could afford and which plans they wanted. Ultimately the plan would follow employees if they changed jobs. Not only does this offer variety and choice to the employee, but employers can offer a wide range of plans, which has been proven to be less expensive as well.

If we continue to allow government to have a say in our insurance coverage, we will suffer budget deficits and tax increases for years to come. I want to ensure that Illinois is a place for options and quality care. No one should ever be denied the right to health care, but no one should be forced to have it either. In Springfield, I will promote consumer driven health care policy, promote tax relief for those in need of health care, and encourage transparency in health care insurance.

Illinois needs a health care policy that is designed for years to come, not one that is constantly being reviewed, running large deficits, and is largely opaque to the public.

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