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Illinois Federation for Right to Life Endorses Rivadeneira

posted: January 15, 2010 • Categories: Campaign Updates, Issues, EndorsementsComments: 0

ELMHURST, IL – The Illinois Federation for Right to Life Political Action Committee (IFRL-PAC) endorsed the candidacy of Rafael Rivadeneira, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 41st District.

“We are pleased to announce our endorsement of Rafael Rivadeneira as Republican Candidate for the forty-first Illinois House district. Not only has Mr. Rivadeneira expressed a desire to protect unborn children, but he has also indicated his support for the disabled as well as those endangered at the end of life,” the IFRL-PAC said in its press release.

To receive the endorsement of the IFRL-PAC, Rivadeneira, along with his opponents, answered an extensive questionnaire about right to life issues. Rivadeneira is the only candidate who is 100 percent pro-life in the race for State Representative in the 41st District.

The rights of the unborn are a subject close to the heart of Rivadeneira, a father of three. For Rivadeneira, abortion is not a matter of choice; it’s a matter of the value of life.

“This endorsement from the Illinois Federation for Right to Life is an honor and reflects my beliefs on the sanctity of life. The unborn must always be protected,” Rivadeneira said. “And beyond that we need to create a culture that cares for and supports mothers in the midst of difficult pregnancies and who have babies under challenging circumstances. Being Pro-Life isn't only about protecting the unborn, but about protecting and celebrating lives at any stage."


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