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Limiting Politicians’ Power through Term Limits

posted: October 12, 2009 • Categories: IssuesComments: 0

The corruption in Illinois State government has made us a national joke. We need to change that. Along with reducing elected officials salaries as I mentioned early in my campaign, I would like to enact term limit reform. A majority of states across the country have some form of term limits and each year more join the fight for this reform. Of the 10 largest cities in the United States, Chicago is the only one without term limits for the legislative and executive branches. This only fuels the corruption within our state.

Term limits will help reduce the amount of corruption in our system because the powerful machine heads cannot plant themselves into power for 20+ years—like current Speaker Mike Madigan. I’m introducing a reform that will limit the years of bad politicians and encourage the good politicians to continue in more powerful positions.

12 consecutive years

The most common reform across the country is enacting a 12 consecutive year limit. I’m also suggesting that this policy is chamber specific—meaning a politician could serve more consecutive years but would have to try for a different office. Having the opportunity to advance up the political ladder will reward good politicians—while corrupt and bad politicians will be voted out of office. Also politicians could take time off between terms, allowing new faces to show their ability.

I believe this simple reform could rid the state of the machine politicians who have driven us into a deep hole. At the same time, fresh faces will be given the opportunity to fix the problems these bad seeds—who are living off the taxpayer’s dollars for life—have dumped on us.


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