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National Taxpayers United of Illinois Endorses Rivadeneira

posted: January 15, 2010 • Categories: Campaign Updates, Issues, EndorsementsComments: 0

ELMHURST, IL – Rafael Rivadeneira, the conservative candidate for Illinois House District 41, received the endorsement from Tax Accountability, the political action arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI).

Jim Tobin, the President of Tax Accountability, said the group is supporting Rivadeneira “in recognition of Rafael’s exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth.”

“I am grateful Tax Accountability recognized me as a candidate who opposes any form of tax increase for Illinois,” Rivadeneira said.

In October Rivadeneira signed the Americans for Taxpayer Protection Pledge. By signing the pledge Rivadeneira took a stand to oppose ANY and ALL tax increases in the legislature.

“The people of Illinois are overtaxed," Rivadeneira said. "I pledged to fight all tax increases in the legislature. It’s time for the state to live within its means and stop raising taxes and fees (a poorly disguised euphemism for taxes) on the people. I will fight the expansion of government and restore economic freedom to the citizenry.”

NTUI is the largest taxpayer protection organization in Illinois with over 30,000 members and supporters.


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