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Attracting Businesses and Creating Jobs

posted: September 07, 2009 • Categories: IssuesComments: 0

We have to face facts: Illinois isn’t competitive in the Midwest or the country when it comes to new jobs and businesses.  The past few years have been disastrous for business owners and all residents. Our current system is not business friendly, and Illinois has seen a net decrease in population due to dwindling job opportunities.  If we continue down this road it will only get worse.

The root of this problem stems from the leadership in Springfield and the anti-business policy we currently have. Illinois was once a leader for jobs and thriving business. I want to bring us back to that time by creating a good climate for business and entrepreneurs—one that creates jobs.

There are multiple reasons why Illinois has suffered worse than some of our neighbors: businesses are leaving town to find more appealing environments, small businesses cannot survive with the high costs and taxes, and residents are not interested in our corrupt government and limited job opportunities.

Corporate Tax Must Stay Low

Our current Governor and many in his party supported raising the corporate tax to one of the highest in the nation. While many applaud this effort as another tax on the “rich,” in fact, by raising the corporate tax, our politicians have made it clear they are not supporting new business coming to our great state. This means fewer jobs for the hard-working people of Illinois.

We cannot expect to compete nationally when we are not doing everything within our means to encourage new companies and individuals to set-up shop in our state. I will fight for our small businesses and potential new industries by keeping our corporate tax rate at 4.8%, not the Senate’s 5% or Quinn’s proposed 7.2%.  Keeping a low rate will provide a much-needed incentive for current business to stay and new businesses to start.

Create a Pro-Business Environment

We are notoriously famous for having one of the highest sales taxes in the country and other arbitrary taxes that hurt businesses.  These taxes not only hurt the poor and working classes, but push businesses and consumers to our neighbors. Springfield needs to take a good look at the various taxes we have throughout the state and start cutting them back or eliminating them completely. Along with reforming and lowering the tax burden on our citizens, we should promote new industries in our state.

Illinois can return to its roots of being an economic and business hub by reaching out and attracting new industries that can flourish here. Besides having Chicago as a great location for corporations, Illinois has been a leader in eco-friendly technology including wind, solar, and hydropower. Encouraging eco-friendly business and new technology in our state could propel Illinois to become the Silicon Valley of Sustainable Energy.

Our state politicians should also meet with local chambers of commerce to see how they are attracting new business into the area.  Towns like Oak Brook are great examples of how local groups can attract and promote business. I encourage Springfield to take a similar approach in talking with corporations on how they can expand and thrive in Illinois. Finally, as I mentioned earlier in my campaign, Illinois needs to clean up its fiscal crisis and irresponsible government to show businesses we are looking toward a new future of sound fiscal responsibility.

We face a difficult task across the board and each issue is connected to the overall need for dramatic reform and change of leadership in Springfield. As I walk throughout my neighborhood and district, nothing affects me more than hearing about the tough job environment everyone is facing.  It’s scary. And the current Springfield is only making it worse.

On this Labor Day, I’m proud to say I am continuing the fight for businesses to create more jobs for the thousands of Illinois residents who are struggling to find jobs. This comes by fighting against the Democrats’ and Governor Quinn’s corporate tax increase, lowering the sales tax burden & other arbitrary taxes, and providing incentives for new industries in Illinois.


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