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Rivadeneira Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

posted: October 23, 2009 • Categories: Campaign UpdatesComments: 0

Challenges Other Candidates for House District 41 to Sign

ELMHURST - Rafael Rivadeneira, Republican candidate for House District 41, signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge. He is the only candidate in his race to do so.

By signing the pledge, Rivadeneira took a stand to oppose ANY and ALL tax increases in the legislature.

"The people are taxed too much in this state. That's something politicians have been saying for years, but I am putting my promise in writing," Rivadeneira said following his pledge. "Just like everyday citizens, the legislature has to keep the state within a budget. It's not fair, nor ethical to keep passing the costs of poorly run state programs on to the people."

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is offered to every candidate for state office and to all incumbents. More than 1,100 state officeholders, from state representative to governor, have signed the pledge.

"By signing the Pledge, Rafael Rivadeneira demonstrates his commitment to hard working Illinois taxpayers. I applaud him for his leadership and dedication to the ideals of limited government, and for putting Illinoisans wallets ahead of government coffers.  I strongly encourage every candidate in Illinois and in elected offices throughout the country to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge," Nathan Pick, state affairs manager for American for Tax Reform, said.

In addition to being the only candidate in his race to sign the taxpayer protection pledge, Rivadeneira remains the only candidate in his race to sign the Illinois Policy Institute's Transparency Pledge to ensure state government is doing everything within its power to provide transparent government.

"Candidates give lip service to transparency and no taxation, but I am putting my money where my mouth is. I signed these pledges and challenge every candidate in my race, and races all across the state to do the same."


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