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Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget Day 4

posted: October 29, 2009 • Categories: Slashing SpendingComments: 0

So far I’ve listed over $42 million in programs that can be cut. Aside from the various grants that I identified yesterday, the state has put its money into many other programs that cannot be considered necessary or appropriate. Springfield could find itself spending more time addressing the real issues of the citizens if it wasn’t busy trying to pass budgets filled with these arbitrary programs.

Thursday’s Cuts:

#11 Snowmobile Programs = $79,800

  • Once again there is little description with this line item, but I hardly can see how anything related to snowmobiles is necessary for the state to be spending money on.

#12 Grape and Wine Industry = $382,800

  • Illinois has a proud grape and wine industry. However, for-profit vineyards don’t need this government subsidy.

#13 Public Radio and Television = $4,501,800

  • Unlike the war on television that the White House is fighting, Illinois just doles out the money to public radio and television stations. This would be fine—perhaps—were we not in the huge financial mess we are. So while you struggle to pay your own operating costs, certain stations are getting funding for theirs.

#14 High Speed Internet Across Illinois = $4,000,000

  • Since the Internet providers didn’t see the financial benefit in providing it, the state decided it wanted to cover the state in High Speed Internet access. Your tax money is going towards this whether you want the service or not!

Today I identified a total of $8,964,400 in programs that are not core government services, which Governor Quinn thinks, is the only way to cut the budget. So far this week I’ve located $51,252,297 in wasteful spending. Check back tomorrow as I close out the week of Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget!


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