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Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget Day 5

posted: October 30, 2009 • Categories: Slashing SpendingComments: 0

Throughout this week I’ve tried to show you that by looking through the Illinois budget we can cut tons of waste. We don’t have to cut the core services or propose Draconian budgets like the Democrats constantly frighten constituents with just so they can push through tax increases. What we need is for politicians to make the tough decisions all of us make at home; certain programs (like luxury items) have to be eliminated during tough times. Not only do I want to tighten the budget of the state, but also I want to put us on a path of fiscal responsibility so we are not in a similar situation in the future.

Friday’s Cuts:

#15 Illinois Sports Facility Authority = $37,500,000

  • We all can remember when Ex-Governor Blagojevich tried to engineer a takeover of Wrigley Field, and the Illinois Sports Facility Authority was the commission charged with this task. Currently they own and operate U.S. Cellular Field and take their orders from Daley cronies.

#16 Microfilming Illinois newspapers = $225,000

  • In order to perform genealogical research, Illinois is microfilming all of its newspapers and manuscripts.

#17 Boat Dock at Eagle Creek State Park = $248,793

  • This very specific line item is only an example of the amount of money and projects the state undertakes throughout the state park system.

#18 Urban Fishing Program = $275,900

  • I haven’t used this program yet, but for those anglers out there you can benefit from this program if you want to fish within the Chicago Park District. Perhaps this program teams up with the Snowmobile Programs for some ice fishing?

On the final day of uncovering wasteful spending, I’ve presented 4 programs totaling $38,249,693. The grand total for my week of Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget comes to $89,501,990. We need to remember that $89.5 million is only a small part of our bloated budget, but taking this step will only lead to more spending cuts, more fiscally responsible budgeting, and less taxation on all of us!

Throughout the rest of the campaign, I’ll continue to identify various cuts to show you that this is just the start and more can be done.


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