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Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget Round 2 Day 2

posted: January 19, 2010 • Categories: Slashing SpendingComments: 0

Yesterday I started my second round of presenting spending cuts in the budget to free Illinois from the financial disaster Democrats and many Republicans have placed us in. We are not in a position to continue allowing frivolous spending habits of the past few years. We must take a hard stance on eliminating new spending, eliminating pork projects, and eliminating the waste.

Tuesday’s Cuts:

#3 Fertilizer Research = $500,000

  • I don’t see why our state needs to spend this money when private companies can provide quality fertilizer that no government could.

#4 Operating Expenses for the Tanning Facility Permits = $500,000

  • Our state throws away half a million dollars each year giving permits to tanning facilities. Most of this amount goes into the pockets of state employees who reap the benefits of glorified pensions and health care benefits, aside from sending out permits here and there. Issuing permits to tanning salons shouldn’t require its own department. Surely, these can be doled out through another body.

#5 DuQuoin State Fair Entertainment and Awards = $1,320,000

  • The DuQuoin State Fair runs a budget much larger than the listed $1.32 million. This particular spending line is only for the entertainment and awards throughout the state fair. I believe we should question such a large amount of money when our budget is consistently running negative.

The Tuesday total comes to $2,320,000 in largely frivolous and questionable programs. Combined with Monday, I’ve indentified $170,692,000 in wasteful spending that I plan to fight and cut from the budget. In the next three days, I will continue to uncover and present more programs and spending that will make your cringe and question the establishment politicians who support the current habits of spending.

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