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Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget Round 2 Day 4

posted: January 22, 2010 • Categories: Slashing SpendingComments: 0

Today and tomorrow, I plan on closing out my second week of wasteful spending with the programs and cuts that will really confuse you. These are the pet-projects and miscellaneous spending lines that make you question why we continue to allow this type of representation.

Thursday’s Cuts:

#10 Compulsive Gamblers Treatment = $960,000

  • Of course I want to see any addict be able to get treatment. Privately-funded programs such as Gamblers Anonymous do a stellar job. This line item strikes me as odd, especially as the state pushes to expand gambling. Even former governor Jim Edgar is a proponent of gambling expansion.

#11 Migratory Waterfowl Stamp = $2.87 Million

  • While I believe the stamps show good faith in helping the conservation effort, these stamps are $1 and go straight to conservation; however, we currently don’t sell enough stamps to make a significant difference. I would support ending this program and focusing on proven techniques to help conserve our natural habitats.

#12 Illinois State Fair = $6.19 Million

  • One of the biggest stories this past year was funding a dying state fair when we didn’t have the money to do so. Can you believe your tax dollars funded a $61,000 ethnic village display at the fair?

Today I released three programs totaling $10,020,000 of non-essential government spending. Giving us a 4-day total of $313,117,100 – that is taxpayer money that we can save you! Tomorrow I plan to give you a brief wrap-up of what kind of waste I’ve found of the course of my campaign, and why my ideas and proven fiscal conservatism is exactly the type of representation you deserve.

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