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Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget Round 2 Day 5

posted: January 22, 2010 • Categories: Slashing SpendingComments: 0

While we’ve had some fun presenting you with the wasteful spending habits of the current members of our legislature, more importantly we’ve had our eyes opened even more towards the dangerous road they are leading us.

The first round of cuts I did back in October generated 18 programs and a total of $89,501,990 in waste! Money that our government did not need to spend and money you could have in your pockets today. During the second round, I wanted to show you that not only were there still wasteful programs hiding in the budget, but that with the new spending introduced we’re digging a larger hole. This round produced 12 programs and a total of $313,117,100 in new spending and waste that should never have passed.

The grand total after 2 rounds of cuts and months of campaigning on taxpayers’ behalf is $402,619,090. I challenged my opponents to come up with methods of fixing the state’s budget crisis and none of them had much to say. However, I know that the numbers don’t lie and you deserve to see where our government thinks your money should go. Our budget deficit continues to grow each day, as the politicians in Springfield don’t fear your voice. That trend stops now! When you elect me as your representative, I’m going to be the voice of taxpayers and demand we Slash Spending and Shrink the Budget!

This is only the start my friends, because I plan on taking the budget page-by-page when in office. I plan to eliminate all new spending lines, all waste, and all pork-projects. Most importantly, I’m the candidate that is looking out for your best interest by pledging to not raise any taxes and working to cut them. When you go to the polls, please remember which candidate gave you the true facts and information: Rafael Rivadeneira.

If you feel like this kind of specific-solution-oriented campaigning is good for the process, please help out the campaign by passing this on to your friends. Please encourage them to vote for me too!

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