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Thank You For Your Support and Congratulations

posted: March 21, 2012 • Categories: Campaign UpdatesComments: 0

While we didn’t get the results we wanted in yesterday’s election, I’m still thrilled and humbled by the support and encouragement I received throughout the campaign. The opportunity to run for office in itself is a blessing and something worth celebrating.

I also want to congratulate Sean Noonan, Elaine Zannis, and Pete DiCianni. I called each of them last night to congratulate them on their victories. While we were opponents in the primary election, I’m fully behind them in the general election come November. The primary season is a time for Republicans to get our individual messages out, but the general season is a time for us to unite.

Although, I’d have loved to have won, this loss doesn’t mean the voice of those fighting to increase governmental transparency and decrease government waste and spending gets lost.

I’m proud of the issues that got brought to light during this campaign and the movement that began because of it. Though I may not be in office, I will keep pressing for increased transparency and accountability to taxpayers.

But now I just want to thank you all for your support--especially those who donated their time, talent and treasure. Thank you for your encouragement throughout the campaign and for all the emails, texts and phone calls I’ve received since last night. It means more to me than I can easily express. And again, congratulations to Noonan, Zannis, and DiCianni!

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful day!


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