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Tort Reform Needed in Illinois

posted: December 21, 2009 • Categories: IssuesComments: 0

On the brink of a potential overhaul of health care from Congress, I felt it was necessary to once again give sound reform ideas that don’t lay the ground work for government-run health care. I urge Congress not to pass the bill presented before them; however, I do recognize the need for changes within our system.

The quality of life and the quality of care that each of us is provided is very important. I believe the change needed to improve the system could be better handled at the state level, not with overarching Federal government control. Each state is different and has different needs.

I support comprehensive tort reform for reducing the cost of medical malpractice insurance. The astronomical rates our doctors and hospitals have to pay limit their ability to practice and provide services at prices people can afford. While everyone deserves the legal right to damages caused by injury, if we reduce the cost of insurance rates, doctors would be able to reduce their costs—and fees.

I also believe that the state and insurance companies need to sit at the table and discuss the options available to citizens. An insurance marketplace that is regulated by the free-market principles will provide not only affordable coverage, but also a wide variety of plans. I mentioned an insurance market earlier in my campaign because it provides employees the freedom to choose what they can afford and what they need, while making it less expensive for the employer.

Finally, as your State Representative, I want to push for more transparency within the insurance industry. I would like to see more consumer protection by providing accessible information about insurance plans, i.e. what you are paying for and what type of coverage you have.

There is no doubt that our health care system has some flaws, and we’re noticing a shortage in supply of affordable coverage for a large part of the population. I sincerely hope that we can solve the problems of the current system and provide health care that doesn’t raise taxes, that increases coverage, and that protects the health of all our citizens.


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