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“Us Against the Establishment”

posted: January 22, 2010 • Categories: Campaign UpdatesComments: 0

Last night, the people of Massachusetts showed the Democratic Establishment that no one can take their votes for granted. On February 2, the people of the 41 District can tell our DuPage Republican Establishment the same thing.

This election is about the people of the 41st District saying “No more!” to the DuPage Establishment Republican politicians who’ve raised our taxes and overspent our money. The February 2 election is about the people of the 41st District taking back their government.

So are you fed up enough to get out and vote?

Because the current DuPage Republican machine—led by folks like Dan Cronin and his candidate, Chris Nybo—are terrified that you are. Their campaign strategy up until this point has been to count on your apathy. To bank on that you don’t know and you don’t care that Dan Cronin voted to raise our taxes and that Chris Nybo refuses to pledge against raising more. They’ve been hoping and praying that you just stay home and let their machine vote to keep these tax-raisers in power.

We know they’re terrified because they’re attacking me, smearing my character because they can’t compete with me on the issues. They know I share the same values as the voters they’ve let down. So they’re labeling me as “a loose cannon” and “angry.” These same politicians who think you’re happy that they raised taxes think I’m out of touch. They’re wrong on both counts.

I’m sure of something else: That you do care. That you’re tired of Springfield taking more and more of your money only to squander it for political gain. That you are fed up enough with Politics as Usual that you will get out and vote for me. And that you’ll tell 5 friends to do the same.

Election Day is Tuesday, February 2. Early voting is also available at these dates and places in DuPage and here in Cook. This election IS the real election. The winner of this primary will most likely win November's general election. If you’re sick of seeing DuPage Establishment Republicans raise your taxes and waste your money, get out and vote for me, Rafael Rivadeneira. I’m first on the ballot. You can’t miss it. And encourage your friends to do the same. So much is at stake here.

If you would like to volunteer or request a yard sign, please let us know.  You can also make a donation here.


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