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Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget Round 2 Day 1

posted: January 18, 2010 • Categories: Slashing SpendingComments: 1

As we draw near the primary election, the biggest concern on everyone’s mind is how the elected officials are going to fix our financial crisis across the state. Throughout my campaign, I have discussed ways to reduce our budget and return a sense of fiscal restraint to Springfield. Unlike my competitors, I previously listed 15 different programs and spending lines that I would cut from our budget. During the course of one week, I exposed $89,501,990 in wasteful spending.

The unfortunate truth is that $89.5 million is only scratching the surface of what can be cut from our state budget. This week I’m going to present another list of programs and spending lines and show how I am the candidate willing to make the tough cuts and actually save you hard-earned tax dollars.

Monday’s Cuts:

#1 Fiscal Year 2010 Additional Education Funding = $167.5 Million

  • One of the reasons our deficit continues to increase is because our politicians haven’t said no to increasing budgets. We need to understand that Illinois is not in a position to add new funding. Eliminating new spending is the first step towards being fiscally responsible.

#2 Research Surveys for the University of Illinois = $872,000

  • You will not find out exactly what research was conducted, but our state continues to generously fund research that could be funded by private contributors and alumni of Illinois.

Our Monday total is $168,372,000, which puts a significant dent into a budget many consider to be bloated and filled with pork and waste. These are tough decisions to make, but our citizens desperately need a representative who has a plan and actual programs that can be cut tomorrow to clean up our fiscal mess. Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week for more ways I will shrink the budget.

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Thanks for the specifics. We need a lot more men like you, men not afraid to speak the truth, specifically!

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