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Slashing Spending and Shrinking the Budget Round 2 Day 3

posted: January 20, 2010 • Categories: Slashing SpendingComments: 0

One of the themes I’ve been trying to convey throughout the campaign is that there are tough choices that must be made with regards to our budget. These tough decisions not only will start to reduce the financial burden on taxpayers, but also create a sense of fiscal restraint that Illinois has not seen in a long time. I refuse to go along with tax increases and the status quo; I want to see real change and don’t think it is too much to ask of our government.

Wednesday’s Cuts:

#6 New Spending on Health Care = $118.2 Million

  • I mentioned on Monday that one of our biggest problems is that we are increasing spending during a time we don’t have money to match. Our state government can operate without these new appropriations and could even manage to cut more than this amount.

#7 Family Planning Contraceptive Program = $820,100

  • That’s right: your government spends close to a million dollars each year giving out contraceptives. Whether the use of contraceptives is against your beliefs or not, you are paying for it.

#8 Teen Parent Programs = $12.9 Million

  • In case the contraceptive program didn’t work, Illinois runs two programs for teen parents (Teen Parents Services and Parents Too Soon Program). These two programs combined spend nearly $13 million. The contradiction between the contraceptive program and teen parents is confusing; our state should focus its efforts on one comprehensive plan for teen sex that includes education.

#9 Bully Prevention Programs = $485,000

  • A staple program from Former Governor Blagojevich, the Bully Prevention programs attempt to rid our schools of danger and bullies. Last time I checked, Chicago Public Schools continue to be at the top of headlines for violence in the schools. While bullying is an issue; this program isn’t solving it. We should cut this program and really focus on the real gang violence problem that has infiltrated our schools.

Our Wednesday total comes to a staggering $132,405,100 in wasteful spending our politicians are asking you to pick up. Combined with Monday and Tuesday, I’ve already located $303,097,100 of spending cuts in the fiscal year 2010 budget. Ask my opponents if they knew that much existed and be sure to check in tomorrow and Friday as I increase that total even more!

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